Dedicated to
Sustainable Forestry

Forest First is dedicated to sustainable forestry, and our nursery and plantation set up is designed to provide the optimum conditions and produce the best possible results.


Up to Date

Forest First´s nursery and plantations are cutting edge establishments that help seedlings grow.  We have hight standards and the progress of the tree growth is closely overseen by our team of forestry experts.


Soils and temperature

Topographically, the Vichada region of Colombia’s very flat and expansive areas of savannahs and plains allow for lower establishment costs, while the lack of natural forests results in minimal clearing costs, no destruction of natural forest and good potential for carbon sequestration credits. The close proximity to the Meta River for transportation makes good logistical sense as well.

Vichada’s ideal soils are complimented by its even temperature and average precipitation rate of 2,300mm per year, which make for ideal conditions for growth.

Meanwhile, its high proportion of “sabanas altas” and highly productive well-drained soils make for very good tree growth. Forest First contracted a comprehensive market study on the Colombian forestry industry in order to better understand the local dynamics and opportunities that will be available for the sustainable fibre resource that Forest First is developing.

  • Roundwood production in Colombia amounts to some 3 million m³ ub per annum (2010).
  • Colombia is well positioned as a cost-competitive producer of industrial roundwood, placed above Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.
  • The per capita consumption of wood-based products in Colombia is low compared to Brazil and Chile.
  • In 2010 about 41% of the pulp consumed in Colombia had to be imported.
  • The saw-milling industry shows a relatively low level of technological development.