State of the Art Silviculture

Established nursery

-Highly efficient Jiffy system used

-Annual production capacity of over 5 million plants 

-Over 15.2 million seedlings have been produced to date

Land Preparation

-Mechanical strip cultivation to reduce the impact of soil erosion

-Good, high productivity well drained soils provide ideal planting tilth

-Flat terrain allows for efficient mechanized operations


-Mechanical planting well suited to flat terrain

-Jiffy plugs are planted with precise spacing and depth

-Ability to plant 8 hectares per shift

-Fertilizer applied during planting

-Seedling survival rates of over 95%

Weed control

-Weed control products are supplied to reduce container waste

-Variable rates applied according to the weed spectrum

Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

-Forest First Colombia has forest guards to oversee and patrol the plantations and document any human or animal activity

-Procedures and technology in place to monitor, classify and mitigate potential wildfires

-Controlled fires are conducted with comprehensive analysis in order to reduce fuel loads in case of uncontrolled wildfires

-Clear plans for prompt identification and eradication of leaf eating ants

-Continual surveillance for any indications of pests and diseases

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