Ideal Conditions

> Perfect Growing Conditions

The region offers the perfect growing conditions. The high temperatures and abundant rainfall are ideal for eucalyptus and acacia. The warm tropical climate supports natural growth rates that far exceed those in temperate and boreal forests. And the news is even better for our plantations, which have a Mean Annual Increase that is 4 to 10 times higher than that of natural forests in the Amazon.

The flat topography of the region also dramatically simplifies cultivation, planting and harvesting, allowing for mechanical processes to be easily deployed.  

> Limited Competition for Land

The region is sparsely populated – having one of the lowest population densities anywhere along the equatorial belt – and there are no competing uses for land. It is made up of vast savanna grasslands that have acidic soils that are poor in nutrients, due to very high levels of rainfall and local slash and burn practices, which makes it ill-suited for agricultural. 

Because competition for land is practically non-existent, costs are extremely competitive. The low population density also dramatically simplifies issues around land tenure and ensures thatt we are able to conduct due diligence efficiently, and be confident that we are adhering to best practices.

> Proximity to Waterways

Our proximity and access to large waterways means that getting timber to market is extremely cost-effective, despite the remoteness of the region.

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