Conserved Areas
Native Species

Forest First Colombia is committed to conserving all indigenous forest areas. These are deemed “protected no-go areas” within Forest First Colombia’s internal plantation management plan. They are made up of riparian forest and palm forests “morichales,” which are linked to sensitive biodiversity. 

Riparian forests are located along the banks of rivers and streams and are supported by subsurface water flows with trees reaching heights of up to 40 meters. The morichales (A “morichal” is a seasonal wetland or stream found in Savannah areas of South America) are closely linked to a large number of species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. 

Our Plantation Management Plan calls for 30-40% of our total land holdings to be set aside for conservation, regeneration of grasslands and planting of native species. We have already conserved some 3,650 hectares of riparian and palm forest areas.  

Our program of indigenous tree propagation with species from the region aims to cover between 10% and 20% of our total land holdings. We plant these trees in existing conservation areas with little forest cover, to help them become more stable ecosystems. We also donate indigenous trees to the local community to help them prevent erosion and protect important water courses that have been exposed through past tree harvesting. 

As we continue to grow, we are committed to working with partners to develop the best possible balance between conservation areas, native tree propagation and our commercial plantation areas.

As part of the bigger picture, we believe our operations can ultimately help reduce logging pressure on Colombia’s primary forests. Plantation forests like ours can reduce deforestation pressures by offering a sustainable, alternative wood source to the market.

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