Our presence in Vichada has already led to the development of infrastructure that benefits the entire community. At present, Vichada is significantly underdeveloped in terms of transport, telecommunications, electricity supply and bulk services.

We are proud to have already brought the following services and infrastructure:

Phone: Due to the fact that the majority of the community now has a regular income, a national Colombian mobile phone provider has erected a tower to a local village providing Colombian based-communications to the community for the first time. Previously only Venezuelan based-communication was available.

Internet: Forest First Colombia has installed internet links at its different operational centers to provide communications access. This has become an important source of contact for employees with their families and friends.

Roads: Forest First Colombia has been involved in the improvement of provincial roads in the project area through logistics assistance.

Local School: We have contributed to different school projects, including cultural and sporting activities. In one instance, we found the shower conditions at the local school totally unacceptable and built a new ablution block, which provided the necessary privacy for all the children. Encouraged by the addition of the ablution block, the local government is augmenting the school by adding classrooms and hostel accommodation.

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