Indigenous Peoples

We fully acknowledge the rights and roles of indigenous peoples in Colombia’s development. However, there are no indigenous communities permanently living in our target area. 

Colombia’s national land agency maps indigenous settlements – “resguardos” – all over the country. We are 200km away from the nearest resguardo; this is because our operations are based in grassland savannas.

There are a few migratory groups of indigenous people who move through the Vichada region on a regular basis, but hold no claim to land. We are in regular contact with these communities and have donated timber and seeds for food crops in order to support their temporary stays nearby. 

In 2017, approximately 80 individuals were relocated to government-owned land close to the town of La Venturosa, which is close to Forest First Colombia’s operations. This relocation was initiated by the government as there has been a temporary move of indigenous people coming from Venezuela into Colombia. Currently, there is no negative impact from Forest First Colombia’s operations on that community. Forest First Colombia is not certain the community will remain as permanent residents in La Venturosa, as several members of that group have already left the area.

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