We want our presence in Vichada to empower communities and help them develop and achieve their own goals. Sustainable forestry is not a short-term industry where you are there one day and gone the next. We hope to become part of the fabric of the local community for generations to come and are committed to investing in community development in a way that is culturally appropriate, scalable and impact driven.

Land Tenure

We take issues around land tenure seriously.  Vichada is our home and we are committed to contributing positively to local communities; this starts with our land holdings.


We are proud that Forest First Colombia is providing a growing number of Colombians with stable, good paying jobs at or above a “living wage” level.


Our presence in Vichada has already led to the development of infrastructure that benefits the entire community.  At present, Vichada is significantly underdeveloped.


We engage in both direct healthcare activities, as well as efforts to increase access to health care facilities and services for our labor force and the surrounding communities. 

Cultural Heritage

Our operations will not impact non-replicable cultural property. All sites of cultural significance are identified and mapped to ensure protection and access. 

Indigenous Peoples

We fully acknowledge the rights and roles of indigenous peoples in Colombia’s development. However, there are no indigenous communities in our target area.

Cattle Farmers

We understand the important role that livestock farming has played in the region. That’s why we’ve decided to launch a community-focused project to help cattle farmers. 


We have contributed to different school projects, including cultural and sporting activities. In one instance, we found the shower conditions at the local school totally unacceptable and built a new ablution block, which provided the necessary privacy for all the children.

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