The Need for Sustainable Forestry is
Greater Than Ever.


Global consumption of wood and the use of land for agricultural purposes has
increased thanks to economic and population expansions in developing countries.
This means there is more demand for wood based products, but less available land
to provide the means to supply it.

Forest First Colombia S.A.S. (FFC) was formed to help reverse this trend. We are a
large-scale plantation forestry company founded in Colombia in 2010 after a
two-year worldwide search for the optimal country and biological conditions. We
want to sustainably produce “FSC” certified, high-yield, fast-growth hardwoods
ideally suited for the pulp, paper, fiberboard, construction, utility pole, and
bioenergy markets.

All land is located within a suitable distance from the Meta River which provides
ready access to domestic and international markets. Our plantations use modern
technology, world class silviculture practices and experienced international
forestry management.

To achieve this goal, "we are creating sustainable forestry plantations that will exceed 100.000 hectares. We are also providing forestry management services to third party landowners".